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Bridge IT Consulting Ltd
T/A Bridge RegTech

Stable RegTech and FinTech infrastructure is essential to any modern business and we know how frustrating it can be when things go wrong. That's why Bridge IT Consulting T/A Bridge RegTech has developed a technology brokerage and package offering along with complimentary consulting services:

Our Team
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Maria Phillips, Founder| Phone: +44 7949 193 144

Maria founded Bridge IT Consulting Ltd in June 2019. She brings with her over fifteen years of regulatory and accounting experience from the banking, insurance, government and pharmaceutical industries

Prior to founding Maria has worked for various startups and established players such as Bank of Montreal Ireland, Eircom, UBS and KPMG and well as co-founding her own Enterprise Ireland FinTech start-up.

Image by Levi Midnight
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Technology Officer

Currently in stealth mode

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